An Introduction

Hello out there. Welcome to Deb CarverOwens website. Here you will find all the books, editorials, articles, and eBooks that she has written. Sometimes, she will put a teaser out of a new book that is coming in the future to let you know what is on the horizon. In these times of upheaval and strife, we all need a place where we can go to get away from it all. Reading is one of the best ways to circumvent the turmoil that is going on around us; especially reading God’s word.

On this website, you have a mixture of Science Fiction, Short Stories, Christian Poems and much more. Do enjoy your visit and come back to see what is new and what has changed on Deb CarverOwens site. Have a great day and GOD bless.

Best Regards,
Deb Carver Owens

Deb CarverOwens
PO BOX 2214, Foley Al 36536
Here is an excerpt from the Sci-Fi adventure “Saga of Bazor”. After listening, run to the Buy Now page and buy your copy today!

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