What Do You Think?

From the Author

We can ask ourselves a few questions about choosing one of the 129,864,880 books that are in the world to read. How do people tell if a book will be a good read or not. Most of the time it is gauged by the likes or dislikes of the reader, however sometimes we can see generally if we will like a book or not.

  • First, Does the title on the book catch your eye? What do the cover pictures look like? Are they something that would go along with the title or are they abstract? Are the cover pictures something that will fan your interest?
  • Second, we should read the synopsis of the story. This will enable us to tell if we would be interested or not in the work. The short paragraph or two can be eye-catching or absolutely boring. Does it talk about any of the main characters? Does it give an idea what the plot might be?
  • Third, does the book have an excerpt on the site on which you are looking? This will show you the writing style of the author. Is the style something that you like? Do the sentences make sense? Does the story move too fast? Does it move too slowly? Would you be bored to death reading the book? Would you not be able to put the book down?

These are but several things to consider when choosing a book. If you know the author’s previous works and like them, you can bet that the next book will be a good one.