Author of Sci-Fi, Short Stories, Poetry, Music.

An Introduction

Hello out there. I happened to Google how many books there are in the world and this is the number they said: 129,864,880. Wow that is a lot of books, however can you imagine trying to get into that market? There are several ways that I have researched and tried.
1. You could self-publish your work. I have tried LULU.COM and Kindle Books Self Publishing from Amazon. My choice is Kindle Books Self-Publishing, however LULU is also a good site. I know that there are other sites for this but have not tried them out.
2. There are also traditional publishing sites. Some of these you will need an agent with which to submit, but not all of them are so inclined.
3. Agents are plentiful and they can point you in the right direction for you work’s genre. In some cases, they are hard to get.

I am surely no expert on these subjects. There is a drive in me to help if I can, though.

Welcome to Deb’s Library. This blog is for informative news about Deb CarverOwen’s books. In these times of upheaval and strife, we all need a place where we can go to get away from it all. Reading is one of the best ways to circumvent the turmoil that is going on around us; especially reading God’s word.

Deb CarverOwens
PO BOX 2214, Foley Al 36536
Here is an excerpt from the Sci-Fi adventure “Saga of Bazor”. After listening, run to the Buy Now page and buy your copy today!

About the Author

Deb CarverOwens was born in Peoria, IL and was raised for 22 years there. Graduate from Manual Highschool in 1971, she favored music classes at school and piano responsibility in the Church. She has lived in Montana, Hawaii, California, Alabama and Texas as well.

Graduating from Barclay College vocational Legal Secretarial training in 1986, she worked as secretary/receptionist for many years until 2008 when she started writing in earnest. She has finished five books and has started organizing another. There are a mix of science fiction, short story, non-fiction, poetry and music. She has been married for 28 years at the time of this bio and hopes to have many more years with her husband. Mother of six children (his and hers), she also has 12 grandchildren.

She and her husband live just a hop, skip and jump from the Gulf. Her favorite thing to do is creating websites and reading God’s word.

Dreams and Reality

Hello again. I am glad you’re here. Here is a little bit of history or the works on this site. Being on the internet since 2000, there have been many websites that were created in those years. This one is unsurpassed in design compared to those and will have all the finest eBooks and music that we have created. My husband has helped tremendously with the art of co-writing songs.

As for the eBooks themselves, the first work that was written started in 1990 when the “Poems to the Lord Notebook” copyright was obtained. It was many years before any others were attempted. My dream is to be the absolute best author that I can be. I love to read books and have read them for many years. One day as I was reading, I thought that I would like to do this.

I started reading the books in a different frame of mind paying attention to the way the author told the story. The strengths of the plots and the depth of the characters came into vivid focus. I got in touch with one of my favorite authors who did a critique for me. They recommended that I get the book “How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method” of which I immediately ordered. Reading it several times, I found a new perspective on writing.

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Final Strike out

There were smiles on each person's face, 
As we met in the field that's our fellowship place. 
The men and women were ready for action.
 When the teams lined up in satisfaction.

The pitcher threw it; the ball was hit.
 A grounder, the short stop scooped it up in his mitt.
 He threw to first base; "safe" was the call, 
The first baseman slightly dropped the ball.

Your right; the major leagues we're not. 
We tend to drop the ball a lot.
 The reason we gather to a dusty field. 
Is of our fellowship to one another we yield.

The closeness this gathering of churches does bring,
 We can make three outs and GOD's praises still sing.
 This is our way of friendly competition 
To have fun in this way, GOD grants His permission.

As a witness, we pray someone will believe 
And the gift of eternal life receive. 
For at the Great White Throne Judgment in the end
 When GOD says, "I never knew you", that's your third strike, You're out , my friend.

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