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Black Seven: Legend of Venetta

A full-length science fiction novel which spotlights three courageous women from three different planets covering three different time periods all endangered by one cataclysmic machine.

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Saga of Bazor

The story starts on Bazor in the city of Alvarin which has a Water Gatherer that is failing. The component must be hidden until it can be positioned in the machine, and an agent goes to Earth to do just that. A year later an Earth woman finds herself caught in an espionage trap between another agent from Bazor and a madman.

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Experiences in Fishing

Portrays a fishing trip to the lake which includes humorous events, serious subjects, definitions, and recipes.

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Deb was born in Peoria, IL and was raised for 22 years there. Graduate from Manual Highschool in 1971, she favored music classes at school and piano responsibility in the Church. She has lived in Montana, Hawaii, California, Alabama and Texas as well.

Graduating from Barclay College vocational Legal Secretarial training in 1986, she worked as secretary/receptionist for many years until 2008 when she started writing in earnest. She has finished five books and has started organizing another. There are a mix of science fiction, short story, non-fiction, poetry and music.

She has been married for 28 years at the time of this bio and hopes to have many more years with her husband. Mother of six children (his and hers), she also has 12 grandchildren.

She and her husband live just a hop, skip and jump from the Gulf. Her favorite thing to do is creating websites and reading God’s word.

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Excellent writing and readable. Loved it

Tracie Reeve Owen

A Must Read! Gives you a Lift from the chaos of our day!

Tracie Reeve Owen