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Final Strikeout
There were smiles on each person's face,
As we met in the field that's our fellowship place.
The men and women were ready for action.
When the teams lined up in satisfaction.

The pitcher threw it; the ball was hit.
A grounder, the short stop scooped it up in his mitt.
He threw to first base; "safe" was the call,
The first baseman slightly dropped the ball.

Your right; the major leagues we're not.
We tend to drop the ball alot.
The reason we gather to a dusty field.
Is of our fellowship to one another we yield.

The closeness this gathering of churches does bring,
We can make three outs and GOD's praises still sing.
This is our way of friendly competition
To have fun in this way, GOD grants His permission.

As a witness, we pray someone will believe
And the gift of eternal life receive.
For at the Great White Throne Judgment in the end
When GOD says, "I never knew you", that's your third strike, 
You're out , my friend. 
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