Poems to the Lord Notebook
Over 40 Poems that will uplift and delight you. There are Bible stories and poems about everyday life as it relates to our Christian walk. This eBook is absolutely FREEEEEE! I have included an excerpt from the eBook at the bottom of the pages. I hope you enjoy them. You can download it from Lulu.com

Life’s Like That
Poetry that covers several emotions such as love, humor, love, other subjects, love. Oh, and did I say love? As you can see there are several poems about that subject.
$6.99 ePub eBook
ISBN: 978-1-312-17173-2
$7.99 Printed Pocket Book
ISBN: 978-1-71698-083-1
Skinned Noses 

Sometimes we find in our daily endeavor 
To witness to people of GOD's gift forever
 We tell folks of that wondrous place 
What do they do? Slam the door in our face. 

It's a wonder GOD's people have skin on our noses 
For this is the way most people oppose us 
But soon we'll meet someone with a smile 
This reception makes it all worth while. 

We can talk to them it seems for hours 
As we watch seeds planted grow into flowers 
They are eager to learn of GOD's words you teach 
We're happy there's someone we finally could reach. 

So, remember, as you are applying a band aid 
And are so discouraged because of contacts not made 
That GOD does bless you as onward you go 
You plant the seed, GOD can make it grow. 

It may take time, but, if you try, 
You'll see GOD's results by and by. 

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