Black Seven: Legend of Venetta
by Deb CarverOwens
– is a full-length science fiction novel which spotlights three courageous women from three different planets covering three different time periods threatened by one disastrous machine.

$8.99 epub format
ISBN: 978-1-41602-623-2
$16.99 Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-71698-177-7

Saga of Bazor
by Debcarverowens
– which is also a full-length science fiction novel. The work starts on Earth with a woman that finds herself caught in an espionage trap between an agent from Bazor and a madman.
$9.99 ePub eBook
ISBN: 978-1-71602-651-5
$25.99 Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-71698-142-5
Off Ramp 

He ran down the road of life in a hurry 
"The fast lane" made his heart so blurry.
 He put on himself a heavy load 
Many of his friends were lying on the road. 

He saw them and noticed the attitude he had 
He was always unsatisfied and always sad 
He began to look for an off ramp that day
 How could he ever find the way? 

Then one day he heard tell of a Man 
To save him from all this was His plan
 He clicked his heels and shouted with glee 
"This must be the off ramp that I see. 

He went down this road and his cares did toss 
At the feet of this Man on an old rugged cross 
He met our savior and is no longer blind 
You see, Jesus is the only "off ramp" you'll ever find. 

A poems from Poems to the Lord Notebook. Download it from the “Poetry” page.

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